A Coalition of Tech Founders Bets Big on Public Infrastructure

The new Upside Tech Alliance combines four startups that are seeking to solve problems like the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. Read more about how Aclima, BlocPower, Bitwise Industries and Promise combine forces to bring climate justice to an “area that has been savagely overstressed with underinvestment: public infrastructure” in this Bloomberg article by Brentin Mock.

Here’s Why Divergent Blade The First Ever 3D-Printer Hypercar Is Awesome

The application of 3D printing in cars and motorcycles has come a long way. And the prime example is the company Czinger which is showcasing the next evolution of automobile manufacturing with its line-up of cool cars. Their first production-spec car is the Czinger 21C which packs 1,250 hp and weighs just 2,760 pounds.   […]