Our Impact

Our mission is to change the venture industry for good. Impact is central to each step of our investment process from research to due diligence to investment decision-making to portfolio management to exit. Radicle Impact reviews investment opportunities with the lens that each investment has the potential to drive transformative impact by addressing a key leverage point in its sector. We measure the impact and progress relative to that potential over time, and we seek to help our portfolio companies achieve their missions however we can.

How are we doing?

We are proud of the impact our portfolio companies are having on their communities and the DEI impact of our platform at Radicle. 

Companies backed
$ 2.2 B+
Equity raised since we invested
200 B+
Gallons of water saved
1 M
Points of credit score increase
615 M+
Savings from interest, fee, principal and fraud
Peaker plants brought offline (equivalent)
6 M
Tons CO2 emissions to avoided
12.3 B
New environmental data points gathered
68 %
Of portfolio with female and/or BIPOC CEO or founder
200 +
Small farms empowered


As part of our effort to incorporate impact into everything we do, hold ourselves accountable to our impact goals, and continue improving as an organization, Radicle is a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management (the Impact Principles). This includes our Disclosure Statement affirming that our core business and investment processes are managed in alignment with the Impact Principles.